Crafting Observations, Tips, Ideas

The Life of a Multi-Passionate Crafter

You know you’re addicted to crafting when you wake up in the morning, pour your coffee and head straight to the craft room to grab everything you will need for the project that woke you up that morning!

Thankfully, days where project ideas wake me out of a deep sleep are generally started at least an hour earlier than normal. I already choose crafting over breakfast most days, imagine if I decided to choose crafting over work!

I have actually gotten a bit of a taste of that these last couple of weeks as my job of 7 years came to a close and I am working on getting the new office opened. The vast majority of that work has been from my home computer and that plants me right in the middle of Craft Central! So, as soon as I get the chance to take a break, it’s sew this, glue that, write this article, take those pictures…

Not only am I a Multi-Passionate Crafter, but I am also a Serial Starter! That’s right, I own it! I get passionate about a possible project and work on it like crazy for several hours and then the next project steals all the energy and alas, the first project gets put aside for a bit. It’s a never ending process. It’s my New Year’s Resolution every year! And still there I go. I guess the good part is the ideas for the next projects do not get lost in the shuffle and with my catch-up day, I do make myself come back and complete my incompletes!

At any given time I will have 5-6 projects going at once. Ideally, I would complete one and move on to the other, but that is not how my brain works, and I believe in working with what you have! I have found that a break in a project gives me an opportunity to think about the next steps before jumping in there and possibly making of mess of a great beginning. I have also found that without a passion for the task at hand what I generally end up with is a terrible mess. So I always follow my passion.

This will be the chronological journal of the projects that I have going on at any point in time. I will update articles on days when I revisit a project and work more diligently to actually complete more projects in a day or two, because the world is watching!

The categories are many as well, from knitting, to counted cross stitch, sewing, gardening, home repairs and d├ęcor to recycle/reuse/repurpose. All of them are a huge part of what will be present in this blog. So thank you for joining me on this incredible journey and now, as they say, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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