HandiCraftDesigners was created to encompass all the crafts the group of us loved to do. Our interests include: Needle Crafts, Home Décor, Baking, Cooking, Gardening, DIY, Reuse/Repurpose, and even the occasional painted items! We wanted a place where we could share the things we love to make and do. A place where those who take up where we left off could come to see more about who we were.

Mitzi is the instigator of the whole project. A passion for most things crafty and a serious collector of tools and supplies. Her primary works come from her sewing, counted cross stitch and DIY projects.

Mimi is the home décor wiz and a master scrap booker. She has recently to decided to try her hand at sewing. And not just any sewing project, but a larger than king size quilt with appliqued Mickey heads on it. Phew, what a project. She is also the group genius when it comes to all things crocheted!

Mia is the Pinterest crafter. She always finds the most interesting ideas and manages to turn them into great completed projects around her house. She’s a flip-flop wearin’, shade lovin’ beach bum at heart! (Minus the sand and sun burn, of course!)

We are excited to share our passions with you and hope that you will enjoy our never ending “Pursuit of Craftiness”!