Paper Crafts

When I think of paper crafts I think of beautifully organized scrapbooks that tell an amazing story, or delicate little origami birds created out of a single sheet of paper that defy logic with their ornate, pristine features. Both of these arts created a need in me to create magic with paper.

I did my scrapbook of our first European vacation and managed to create something that 16 years later is still carefully looked at by visitors to my home. And though I have photos carefully sorted and ready to create another, I rarely do more than organize the items to be contained in each. It’s a goal, a “should” (as Tony Robbins would say), perhaps this is the year it becomes a “must”! A “must” to transform 2 manila envelopes full of photos, ticket stubs and tokens of my memories into a journal that can be shared as readily as the European vacation scrapbook.

As to my origami skills, they have expanded from the simple dollar bill folded into a bow tie to a rocking Hawaiian shirt made out of a tropical print paper! Woo Hoo! Yeah, maybe that area needs some work too.

As amazing as I find these crafts, I find myself driven towards crafts created out of paper that would otherwise be discarded. Travel brochures, old telephone books, wrapping paper scraps… you know, the crap other people toss without a second thought. Alas, I am not that person. Every one of them becomes a craft supply. Do I know up front what that craft is? Heavens, no! It has to be stashed in the craft room and sit there dutifully until that inspired thought hits me in flash and the experimenting and fine tuning can begin.

You would think from my obsession with these paper products hanging around that I was either a tree hugger or a hoarder. And as I try to formulate my denial of being either, I cannot fully deny there is not a little of both in there somewhere. Perhaps a paper crafting day is in order.

My hope for this page is that someone will be inspired to create and share their own recreations borne out of a need to hang on to that ever growing pile of political flyers, old telephone books, brochures from companies who spent a great deal of money on photography and last but not least old calendar pages.

Happy Crafting!



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